Are you ready to wear short sleeve and sleeveless shirts this summer? Every woman wants toned and slender arms. If your arms are not as slim as they once were and if you have loose skin on your arms or even cellulite, there are non-surgical treatments that can help.

We offer procedures for Arms that are painless without surgery and with no-downtime!

If your shirt sleeves are too tight or you don’t wear short sleeves, get ready for a whole new wardrobe!

Slender Arms Through Fat Reduction

Upper arm fat can be reduced without surgery with one of the greatest non-invasive arm fat reduction procedures available: Cryo-Lean 360™ Fat Reduction and Toning.

Cryo-Lean 360™ is non-surgical procedure that freezes fat on the arms and causes the fat cells to die. Less fat cells reduce the size of the arms and the ability in the future to gain fat back in the treated area.

Arm Skin Tightening

Sometimes it’s not just fat causing the upper arm appearance to be less than you want. Arm skin tightening improves the appearance of sagging and crepe upper arm skin. Using Thermal RF™, collagen within the upper and deep layers of the skin is increased. Increased collagen thickens thin crepe, loose skin, decreases wrinkling and lifts and tightens the arm. Some of these procedures can also be performed on the lower arms, around the elbows and even on your hands!

Thinner Arms and Tighter Skin using Hot & Cold Treatments

When loose skin as well as fat is present in your Arms, we can combine treatments to get the best results. Your arms may benefit from a combination of Thermal RF™ (Hot) and Cryo-Lean 360™ (Cold) treatments called Fire & Ice combo therapy. This powerful combination effectively helps reduce even more fat and helps increase collagen within the skin to tighten and lift a sagging upper arm. We are seeing great results with combining both Hot and Cold treatments.

The Advanced Arm Contouring Plan designed just for you!

Everyone has different concerns about their arms and no two people are exactly the same. Whether you just need fat reduction on your arms or whether loose skin on your arms is your main concern or BOTH, our solutions can help. Sometimes just one procedure is enough or sometimes a combination of procedures can be used to give you those sculpted arms you want. Either way, we can develop a customized treatment plan just for you.

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